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1. How is your laundromat different from others?
Like typical laundromats in India, we do not charge by the number of clothes that you bring. We charge by a load of clothes.

2. How do you charge then?
You will pay just Rs. 299 for an entire load of clothes, approx 8 kg. That includes washing,drying and folding the entire load of clothes.

3. How many clothes can be there in a load?
It  varies by the type of cloth and how many clothes are there in each type. A typical load may contain 6 shirts, 6 pants, 6 vests, 6 briefs and 3 towels. Wow! That’s an entire week of laundry !!!

4. Do you mix my clothes with other customers clothes?
No. Unlike other laundry businesses in India, we always put your clothes in your own washers and dryers. We label each Washer, Dryer and Laundry bag with your identifying information.

5. How many days do you take for ordinary and urgent?
2 Hours *
. Yes! there is no urgent or ordinary. Your entire load of laundry will be washed, dryed and ready to wear in just 2 hours.

6. Very Interesting, do you offer pickup/delivery services?
Yes, we offer FREE pickup and delivery+ services.

7. Amazing, please explain me what I need to do to avail your services?
All you need to do is bring in ALL your clothes in a bag. Our friendly staff will greet and will weigh your bag. Our giant washers and dryers can take upto 8 kg per load. If the total weight of your clothes exceed 8 kg OR if they all don’t fit in one washer, we will split your clothes accordingly into 2 or more loads. On appropriate payment, clothes are dispensed into one or more washers. In about 45 minutes to an hour, your clothes will be ready out of the washer. They are then moved to the dryer, which runs again for about 45 minutes to an hour. In a few minutes after that, you dresses are folded and kept ready for pickup.

8. I have innerwear that I’m not comfortable being handled by your staff. Can I do the laundry myself?
Yes, our courteous staff will help you on how to load and unload your clothes into the washers and dryers yourself. We will take care of the rest, like dispensing washing liquid, etc.

9. I have my own washing machine and it’s a rainy day, Can I just bring my clothes for drying only?
Yes, we welcome drying only customers. Charge will be Rs. 199 per load.

10. What types of Payment do you accept?
We only accept cash in advance. Other modes of payment will be offered soon.

11. I’m a HR Manager and would like to offer your services to our employees. Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer gift certificates. Companies can buy multiple gift certificates at substantial discounted rates. Please call us for a discussion.

12. Are discounts only for companies?
We value every customer, big and small. Discounts are offered on multiple Gift Certificate purchases. Offer them as a gift to your friends/relatives or use it for yourself. Save your receipts !!! We offer free drying for every 5 loads. Save it for a rainy day!

13. I still have question(s) that hasn’t been answered.
Please call us at 944 333 4010

*Subject to machine availability
+FREE pick up and delivery applicable for 3 km radius. Nominal fee for  other areas.